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Site Rules

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1 Site Rules on Tue Jun 24, 2008 12:41 am


You wish to register? Woot! *does a happy dance*
First, make sure you read and understand the following.
Failure to follow these few simple rules will result in a warning. Failure to buck your ideas up will give you a one-way ticket to my list...of the BANNED!
Please read carefully.

1. You wish to express an opinion, fine. But don't be offensive it's not a requirement. Opinions/beliefs are accepted and everyone has the right to them so please no telling someone they are wrong unless it is a known recorded fact. Free speech is FREE, so no flaming (personal attacks) or trolling (preying on others in the hope of attacking them). No spamming or posting of other members personal info either...it's neither helpful or intelligent.

2. Swearing is allowed within reason, but insults are a banning offense so play nice...

3. Be open-minded, you don't know how? Hhhhmmmmm....anyone got a crowbar?....

4. No longer applicable. Even we as the management can admit when we are wrong. No lurkers allowed, this isn't a funeral home. You join up? Then join in!

5. All members must keep a valid e-mail address. Failure to do so...you forgot your password? Ooops, now how do we send you the reset info? Keep up to date folks.

6. Pay attention to placement of forums. Posting in the correct forum will make it easier to find later, and less embarrassing...

7. Members agree to create only one account for themselves. Why make more than one? You have a split personality?

8. Members must post own material. Respect the copyright laws, if you must post others work, please credit them by name, link or both.

9. Keep an eye on Updates/Developments board as you never know when the Site Rules may get updated. Forewarned is forearmed folks.

10. Any general queries/questions please read the General board first before posting a query or contacting an Administrator as your question may have already been answered.

11. One mis-click, one server crash...we recommend you copy and paste work before posting to make readmission less of a nightmare in the face of system failures (human or otherwise).

Now that that's over with...WELCOME!!
Upon receiving membership, post an intro about yourself in the Merry Meet forum under the Welcome board.
We look forward to meeting you.

Brightest Blessings
The Administration Team
(Pythia & Bram)


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